Another Concert Season Must Come to an End

So, the post you have all been waiting for has finally arrived!

Mr. Robert Chilcott: aka Bob Chilcott
He is an accomplished British Composer, Conductor, and Singer.  He primarily sang with various groups while growing up in London, and since 1997 has turned to conducting.   The piece we sang as a choir, A Little Jazz Mass, was originally composed in 2004 and sung for the Crescent City Choral Festival in New Orleans.  When we were first given this piece I was slightly befuddled that a Latin Mass was infused with this funky jazz beat.  After singing it through a few times, the two styles just seemed to fit more and more like a glove.  Smooth and yet expressive, but not forced.  There have been so many pieces that have been composed and feel like they were forced into one style or genre or another, where as A Little Jazz Mass just works.  Throw in the drum kit and string bass with the piano and we've got ourselves a party.  It might have been his involvement in all aspects of choirs that led him to create such a unique work.  Thanks, Bob, for a great addition to our concert!

Please head on over to Bob Chilcott's website for more information:

Overall, it was another marvelous and well-received concert season.  Multiple people whom I spoke with were very impressed by the repertoire chosen for the concert.   Sad that it's over, but happy that it ended on such a pleasing note :) (loved that encore song, The Storm is Passing Over - a real crowd-pleaser!)

Oh!  One more thing before I let you all go:  What are you doing Tuesday June 7th from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm?  Nothing you say?  WELL!  Nothing no more!  We've got a great night planned for you to join us!  We're holding a Broadway Workshop for people to learn some techniques from Jason Iannuzzi (the Director of Choruses at the Lexington High School) and to sing some Broadway tunes.  For more information, check out the "Broadway Workshop : 6/7/16" tab at the top or head on over to our main page for the flyer!!  Registration is easy and hassle-free (leave a comment below if you feel otherwise, we'll see what we can do to accommodate you).  Come join us!

Later days folks, and enjoy the warm weather!!

~ EB, AKA: The Lexington Pops Chorus Blog Maven ~