Concert weekend is upon us once again!

Come join the fun this weekend!!! Concerts are the usual 7:30 pm start Frday and Saturday night and the usual Hancock Church location. Same great place, same great time, same great expectation of fun and exciting music and musicians to boot!

The wonderful Genithia Hogges will be joining us once again in singing Felix Mendelssohn’s Hear My Prayer. She sings like an angel, and makes it look completely effortless.

It’s gonna be GREAT!!

Buy tickets, come see us sing, have a great weekend. Simple as that..

If you can’t make it, we are sorry to miss you, but you really don’t want to miss it.

Spring has finally arrived in Lexington!

Good evening all!

Spring has finally sprung here in Lexington with a GLORIOUS Spring day... Birds chirping, slight breeze, and everyone out enjoying the warm weather.  We are coming along with our rehearsals and can't wait to get our instrumentalists in to join us!  Our Oboist was able to join us this past Tuesday and it sounded simply... GLORIOUS! 

In case you hadn't guessed... the concert series this season has been titled:  GLORIOUS SPRING! 

Friday and Saturday, May 18th and 19th!  Mark off the dates in the calendar now... and stay tuned for more information on Ticket Sales! 

Wishing all of you joy and a Happy and Healthy Passover beginning this Friday (along with Good Friday) and to those celebrating Easter on Sunday... Happy Easter too!  Also:  Happy National Crayon Day on Saturday - go forth and color something GLORIOUS!

Till we meet again,
~EB, Blog Maven back from hiatus!

Singing Changes Your Brain: Another good reason to come to our concert in 2 weeks!

Hey all!

So, time is growing short before our next concert series!  (Exactly 2 weeks from TODAY!)  Gasp!  BUT that doesn't mean you can't still purchase tickets :)

I don't know about you all, but my e-mail inbox is about ready to explode.  In catching up on e-mails, I came across a reference for an article in TIME magazine titled, "Singing Changes Your Brain: Group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins"  (which I completely agree with). 

The article, which can be found here: mentions the health benefits of singing and how it can lower levels of cortisol, which can lower stress levels.  Singing can also relieve anxiety and contribute to overall quality of life.  I, personally, will be singing until I'm not able to talk anymore.  I love the way that singing lets me forget about the troubles of the day and focus on nothing but the here and now.  Even listening to music can help with stress levels and improve brain function.

On that note, come and enjoy a night of wonderful music for our "Let Freedom Sing!" concert series on Friday or Saturday (or both!) May 19th or 20th at 7:30 pm.  Price of admission is for Adults $17 in advance from either a chorus member or if purchased online, and $20 if purchased at the door, children under 13 are only $5. 

Questions?  Just ask!

~EB, Lexington Pops Chorus Blog Maven Extraordinaire