In the Mood for Music

Hey all,

As we are approaching the beginning of our next (glorious) season, we can take some time to enjoy the little things - like the birds chirping or a soft breeze through the trees AND we can even enjoy the music of others while we're at it  :)

Chorus Pro Musica is putting on two summer sings on the evenings of Monday August 10 and Monday August 17th at the Old South Church in Boston (check out their website for more info:

I have always loved a good summer sing and this one should be a good one (going off the music selected).

Meanwhile, back at the Pops, we're getting ready for a wonderful concert entitled "In The Beginning" with different pieces about beginnings and travel and rejoice.  From pieces by Aaron Copland and Carl Strommen to An American Trilogy from Mark Hayes and other pieces to entice anyone. 

That being said:  Over the course of the semester, check back for some bits-and-blerbs about each of the pieces!

Oh, and if anyone has any comments, please feel free to leave one through the "comments" button below!

Till later my friends and sing well!