Spring has finally arrived in Lexington!

Good evening all!

Spring has finally sprung here in Lexington with a GLORIOUS Spring day... Birds chirping, slight breeze, and everyone out enjoying the warm weather.  We are coming along with our rehearsals and can't wait to get our instrumentalists in to join us!  Our Oboist was able to join us this past Tuesday and it sounded simply... GLORIOUS! 

In case you hadn't guessed... the concert series this season has been titled:  GLORIOUS SPRING! 

Friday and Saturday, May 18th and 19th!  Mark off the dates in the calendar now... and stay tuned for more information on Ticket Sales! 

Wishing all of you joy and a Happy and Healthy Passover beginning this Friday (along with Good Friday) and to those celebrating Easter on Sunday... Happy Easter too!  Also:  Happy National Crayon Day on Saturday - go forth and color something GLORIOUS!

Till we meet again,
~EB, Blog Maven back from hiatus!