A Concert Fast Approaches

Hello all!

I apologize for the delay in posting, but we've just been so busy with such fine music that it is hard to pull myself away sometimes.  

We've got quite the line up for our concert next week starting with the Requiem, by British composer John Rutter.  It was first performed as four movements in a Presbyterian church in Sacramento, California on March 14, 1985.  The complete performance (with all seven movements) wasn't performed until October 13, 1985 in a United Methodist church in Dallas, Texas.  Interestingly enough, John Rutter conducted both of these performances.  We will be joined by several instrumentalists throughout the singing of the Requiem.  Soprano Lili Kaufmann will be gracing us once again with her presence as a soloist for two of the seven movements.  Cherie Asgeirsson on flute, Beverly Chadwick on oboe, and Hyun-Ji Kwon on cello will also be joining the fun.  David Owens, who normally accompanies us on the piano, will be switching things up a bit performing the Requiem and a few Cesar Franck selections on the church's organ.  It's going to be magical!

We look forward to hearing a few more solos within pieces from sopranos Donna Cantera-Davis and Anne Noonan as well as baritone Jack DeFina throughout the evening. 

Come enjoy a night of wonderful music on Friday or Saturday (or both!) January 13th or 14th at 7:30 pm.  Price of admission is for adults $17 in advance from either a chorus member or if purchased online, and $20 if purchased at the door, children under 13 are only $5. 

Get 'em while they're hot!

Hope to see you all next weekend!

~ EB: Lexington Pops Blog Maven